Sam Sachs, August 7 2020

Topsoil, Grass and Fertilizers: A checklist for your new grass.

The Topsoil that you choose is very important for planting in the fall season. Make sure it is screened properly and is nutrient rich from the provider you choose. Cherry Hill has excellent Topsoil for these types of applications and pricing for delivery anywhere in the state is very competitive. Cherry Hill also has a calculator to gauge how much soil you will need for your project. At least 3 inches deep is ideal for new grass growth. Once you have the Topsoil make sure that you have the proper tools: Landscaping Rake, Seed spreader Drop or Broadcast depending on the application. A sprinkler system for larger areas is essential for constant water whether it be manual watering or setting up sprinklers or even an in-ground sprinkler system. You can also use certain types of hay to support the new grass and keep it protected from the elements.

Choose your grass wisely for the area you are applying it to. There are sun and shade mixtures that are very good for Connecticut climates. A combination of Rye Grass and Bluegrass are excellent for the Connecticut area. The Spreader that you use for the application will either be Broadcast spreader or a Drop Spreader. the broadcast spreader will toss the seed to a wider area. A drop spreader will drop it straight down for a thicker application.

Temperatures are more ideal in the spring and fall for new lawns or over-seeding a lawn to thicken the grass that you already have in the northeast. New grass seed does not like harsh fertilizers. Make sure to purchase fresh seed and fertilizers that are "Starter" fertilizers to help germinate the new grass and ensure it has an established root system before the winter. Starter fertilizers are graded by three numbers: Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium - 10-10-10, 20-10-10 and 16-8-8 will also work nicely depending on the soil composition. Scotts, Lesco, Greenview,  to name a few, are all great starter fertilizers which range from 24-25-4 to 18-24-12.

A checklist to remember:

Choose Cherry Hill Screened Topsoil
Have the tools you need for the project
Choose your ideal grass seed for the area
Feed and water the grass to promote optimum growth

Written by

Sam Sachs


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