Cherry Hill "Magic Salt® Ice Melt

Randy Varnum, January 21 2022

Cherry Hill "Magic Salt® Ice Melt" comes directly from the Morton's Salt Company. Morton's has been making salt products for over 130 years. This is the safest treated salt to use on paved or concrete roadways or walkways. Magic Salt® covers more area with less product and less downtime to return to the salt pile and reload. Cost of sand, mixing an...

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Different Types of Dumpsters.

Randy Varnum, September 22 2020

Stumps. Brush. Red Brick. Concrete. Cherry Hill Construction Inc. offers Specialty Dumpsters as well for specific demolition projects or even clearing land. Recently we had a few bad storms that were damaging in Connecticut and The Stumps and Brush Dumpsters came in handy for customers that needed to get rid of the larger debris that came down in t...

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Topsoil, Grass and Fertilizers: A checklist for your new grass.

Sam Sachs, August 7 2020

The Topsoil that you choose is very important for planting in the fall season. Make sure it is screened properly and is nutrient rich from the provider you choose. Cherry Hill has excellent Topsoil for these types of applications and pricing for delivery anywhere in the state is very competitive. Cherry Hill also has a calculator to gauge how much...

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