Cherry Hill demolition services can be provided for any size job. We take down small houses, trailers, and garages. We also do high-rises and industrial buildings ranging up to 500,000 square feet. We have taken down entire streets and city blocks for urban renewal. You can call, or contact us to have us develop a quote for your demolition project.

Factories and industrial spaces often have environmental issues that must be addressed. As an example, we demolished and removed the entire Raybestos brake-shoe manufacturing facility in Milford CT and put up 300,000 square feet of retail space in its place. We do interior demolition or complete take-downs of "big-box" stores. We have demolished water towers, barns, airplane hangers, office buildings, beach cottages, and most everything in between.

The demolished material is removed from your site and taken to our transfer station. Cleanup is provided as required. On-site crushing is available for stone and concrete. We process fill, top soil and other materials as well.

As a demolition contractor, Cherry Hill Construction Co. Inc. is Connecticut's most complete provider of demolition services

"We have taken down entire streets and city blocks for urban renewal."